FREDERICKSBURG, Texas (KXAN) — Texas Department of Transportation officials and law enforcement say street signs in the Hill Country continue to be the targets of theft year after year and are asking people to stop.

Some of the most recent signs to be stolen include the Gillespie County line sign, the Fredericksburg marker sign, and the most popular sign to be stolen is anything with Luckenbach on it.

Let’s go to Luckenbach, Texas

Authorities believe signs directing traffic to historic Luckenbach Town Loop are stolen so they can be hung as decoration in homes. A working theory is that it could be college students wanting to hang something on their wall, or people just looking for a souvenir.

It is a costly theft for the state. Glynda Chu, a spokesperson for TXDOT in Austin, said it cost at least $500 to replace each sign.

“It’s not free,” Chu said. “It is costing taxpayers some money. It’s also for people who are traveling. They need those road signs to know where they are going.”

Chu said they are worried a stop sign may be stolen by somebody and that would pose a great threat for drivers.

“That can be very deadly,” Chu explained.

No stop signs have been stolen in the area as of today, according to Chu.

Officials are asking for people who stole a sign to return it to TXDOT or your local police and fire station.