FREDERICKSBURG, Texas (KXAN) – Fire crews in Gillespie County continued Wednesday to fight the Big Sky Fire that has now burned more than 1,400 acres and is about 50% contained, according to the Texas A&M Forest Service.

Fredericksburg Fire Chief Lynn Bizzell said strong winds helped spread the fire quickly across a valley near Lower Crabapple Road. At last check, firefighters were able to halt the fire’s movement, but much of the hillside and fields below were left charred.

Bizzell said there have a few barns that burned down, and at least one home had some damage from the fire, but his crews and other agencies were able to push fires back that were approaching homes.

One firefighter was treated for an injury but returned to fight the fire on Wednesday.

Bizzell said if the winds die down the crews will have a better chance to increase containment, but any spark could ignite the dry grass all around the area.

“The terrain we have out here is hard to get into,” said Bizzell. “If not for the air support we received yesterday it would probably still be burning.”

The area near the fire is filled with ranches and homes. Some neighbors stopped by to check on their friends Wednesday.

“We have been reaching out,” said Amy Evans.  “Making sure everyone is OK.”

Evans also stopped to drop off food and water for firefighters who were dealing with hot conditions.

“We have been out here helping all the firefighters,” said Evans.

Jack Wiesen’s family owns property in the valley, he had an uneasy feeling when he heard there was a fire and didn’t know if his property had been affected.

“For about seven hours, me and my family were trying to piece together what we could,” Wiesen said.

He was thankful to hear the firefighters that responded to his property were able to push it back.

“The fire had started and was on the southern part of our property and worked up to our two structures there, and they had put it out,” Wiesen said.