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Llano will not ban crosses, other decorations at city cemetery

LLANO, Texas (KXAN) -- The Llano City Council voted Monday night not to ban people from placing upright crosses or other decorations around certain gravesides in the city cemetery. 

Council members voted unanimously against an ordinance that would have only allowed for flat headstones or markers in a newer section of the cemetery. 

The proposal further stated, "Granite chips, gravel, bricks, stone, cement curbing or edging of any kind, hanging baskets, upright crosses, trees, shrubs, benches, chairs, fountains, or other artificial materials are prohibited." The ordinance read that flowers or other items will be allowed, though, if they're a part of the headstone design. 

The possible changes were not welcomed by all in the community. A petition circulated around town ahead of the City Council meeting. It stated, "We totally and completely oppose the restriction of upright monuments and markers in the City of Llano Cemetery unless there is an equal portion of City-owned property in the City of Llano Cemetery that is reserved and available for purchase that does allow for upright monuments and markers." 


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