AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Lower Colorado River Authority said Monday it will lower Lake Marble Falls for about three months.

The drawdown begins Saturday and ends Dec. 29.

The LCRA said it is lowering the lake, so crews can work on Starcke Dam and property owners can remove debris, repair docks, retaining walls and other parts of their property.

You do not need to register to repair your docks but all work must comply with the Safety Standards for Residential Docks on the Highland Lakes.

LCRA will lower Lake Marble Falls about seven feet.

Normally, the lake operates from 736.2 to 737 feet above mean sea level.

From October to December, it will be lowered to 729 to 730 feet above mean sea level.

While the lake is low, the LCRA says crews will move water downstream through a partially open floodgate to meet routine water supply needs and manage the level of Lake Marble Falls.

The LCRA says it may need to open more floodgates if there is heavy storm runoff. You can find out about floodgate operations through the LCRA’s Flood Operations Notifications Service.