WIMBERLEY, Texas (KXAN) — People can’t take a dip in one of Central Texas’ most popular swimming areas “for the foreseeable future,” officials said.

Hays County officials said Jacob’s Well Natural Area, located on Mount Sharp Road just north of Wimberley, is off-limits for swimming due to a variety of factors such as “the threat of high bacteria levels, other pollutants and poor visibility conditions.”

Hays County gave additional details Wednesday, saying staff saw the water was stagnant, with algae sitting on top of the water. Out of an abundance of caution, they decided to halt swimming for the time being.

The swimming spot moved to a reservation system that allows 45 people in the water every two hours, and officials have said the area was booked about two months in advance. Given the “unusual circumstances,” Hays County said it’s working with the auditor’s office to issue refunds to those who made reservations.

County officials said it would monitor the issues and keep people updated through its website and social media channels. The area is still open for hiking and geocaching.

KXAN’s Nabil Remadna reported in July 2021 some conservationists are worried the area could soon dry up if not properly taken care of.