GRANITE SHOALS, Texas (KXAN) Keeping our cities safe is a tall task for understaffed police departments throughout Texas. But there’s a special program that’s giving military-grade gear to local law enforcement agencies.

It’s called the LESO program, which allows law enforcement agencies to receive Department of Defense property. The Granite Shoals Police Department is part of it.

Over the last three years, Granite Shoals Police was able to acquire over $3.5 million worth of equipment from the Department of Defense.

A lot of times, people think that means getting guns or armored vehicles. Although that may be true, it also includes surplus items.

Recently, Granite Shoals was able to acquire an old U.S. Navy mobile dentist trailer and convert it into an incident command truck.

Some other items they’ve picked up include two humvees and commercial-grade gym equipment, which allowed them to overhaul their entire fitness facility.

“We were able to obtain this, convert it into an incident command truck — largest in our county and in the surrounding area,” said Granite Shoals Police Captain Chris Decker, “at almost no cost to the citizens, and something our budget and our city could not afford.”

Over the years, Decker has traveled as far as California and Virginia to pick up equipment like this. All of the equipment is providing a big benefit for free for the town of just over 5,000 folks.

The Houston Police Department also is in the LESO program. It has an entire division assigned to travel across the country to pick up military-grade gear.