FREDERICKSBURG, Texas (KXAN) – Fredericksburg police arrested two men they say were trying to smuggle five people — including a 10-year-old girl.

On Thursday afternoon, the Fredericksburg Police Department said it received a tip about a vehicle heading toward the city limits of Fredericksburg that was involved in the smuggling of immigrants in the country illegally.

Police found the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.

According to FPD, officers saw five Hispanic men and women lying on top of each other in the backseat, and the driver and front-seat passenger both had loaded guns on the seats next to them. Police said one gun was an AK-47 and the other a high-capacity semi-automatic pistol.

The driver was identified as 19-year-old Jesus Hernandez, and the front seat passenger was 23-year-old Pedro Navarro.

During police interviews, officers determined both Hernandez and Navarro were working together in the human smuggling of five undocumented immigrants near the Mexico/Texas border and were attempting to transport them when officers intervened.

FPD arrested Hernandez and Navarro, and both were taken to the Gillespie County Jail. They are listed as being in custody there as of Friday morning.

The charges listed against both were four counts of human smuggling while in possession of a firearm, one count of human smuggling of a person less than 17 years old and possession of a controlled substance. Hernandez also faces a tampering with evidence charge, jail records show.

According to police, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Fredericksburg Police Department will be overseeing the entire investigation.