BUCHANAN DAM, Texas (KXAN) — Residents of the Buchanan Dam area in Llano County are under a boil water advisory, after a leak caused a water outage over the weekend.

President Darrin Barker of Corix Utilities Texas said they started getting reports about the outage Sunday morning. The utility was able to dispatch crews and locate the leak that day.

“When it thawed out, we finally got to use our well water to flush our toilets and stuff, but we still have no water to bathe,” said resident Shaun Wyatt.

Wyatt, his wife and two kids are going to his mother-in-law’s home in Kingsland, about 10 minutes south, to shower.

Marissa Gomez also had to head to Kingsland Monday after she and her daughters discovered low water pressure Sunday.

“It worked, like, for the beginning of the day, but then afterwards it was done,” Gomez said. “I’m having to put water from, I don’t know, I guess my dad’s well to flush the toilet. We have like five-gallon buckets just to flush the toilet.”

While the leak is fixed now, Corix is gradually pressurizing the system, so some residents will start to see water pressure in their homes sooner than others, with those living at higher elevations seeing service restored later.

Barker expected all residents’ water to be restored Monday night.

Barker explained there were difficulties repairing the pipeline, because it’s located underneath a large brick fence that was built on top of it by a private landowner.

“This morning we are having to bring in outside equipment to break through granite in order to get to and repair the line break,” Corix wrote to customers on Sunday.

Crews were finally able to expose the 45-year-old line for repairs, and Barker said the pipeline looks to be in good shape. He believes the weight of the fence caused the leak.

The boil water notice will continue until samples return from state testing — about 24 hours to 36 hours. Barker said the system serves about 550 connections, and most of them were affected by the outage, which Corix said was not weather related.

But the outage came so close after Sunday’s freezing temperatures that residents became worried.

“We may never see a freeze like that again like we had last year, but we could have it again this year, so you just never know, and that’s always on the back of our minds,” said Wyatt, adding he lost water for several days after last year’s February winter storm.

Barker said they are prepared for winter weather, saying the company is in compliance with SB3, which outlines weatherization guidelines.

Barker also said they’re on track to file an emergency preparedness plan with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in March.

Corix said if you have any questions, you can contact its Customer Service Department at 1 (877) 718-4396.