WIMBERLEY, Texas (KXAN) — Moving can be a daunting task, but for Sgt. David Guzman, who is moving from Mission, Texas to Wimberley, he couldn’t be more excited.

On Saturday, ‘Homes for our Troops‘, a group that builds homes for veterans, will hand over the keys to a brand new home for Guzman.

Guzman was injured in 2004 while serving in Iraq.

“I guess within 30 seconds the bomb went off,” said Guzman. “It left me with the loss of the use of my lower leg from my knee down.”

The new home features more than 40 major upgrades such as widened doorways, pull down shelving and a roll-in shower, all of which will make Guzman’s life a little easier at home.

“Being able to have that confidence to walk in your own home and this is what this home is giving me,” said Guzman. “The confidence to do stuff that I have always been hesitant and scared to do.”

Despite his injury, Guzman has kept on fighting, even through some of his daily challenges at home.

Guzman says after being able to return home following his injury, that’s when he realized things would be difficult.

“By the time I got out in September of ’05, and when I got home, it was like, ‘OK, what am I going to do?'” said Guzman.

Despite his challenges, he kept his head up and tried to help around the house as best he could.

“When you are falling, you just try to roll over and get up,” said Guzman.

Over the years, he established a love for cooking. He says it took his mind away from the painful

“Cooking was my outlet, it was my way of calming down and getting lost in the recipe,” said Guzman.