WIMBERLEY, Texas (KXAN) — A Wimberley elementary school is teaching students about water conservation with a hands-on approach.

Blue Hole Primary School was the first “One Water” school in Texas, the school was designed to reduce water usage.

“The first thing you’ll notice are the gigantic metal storage tanks,” said Robin Gary with the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association. “The plumbing window is a space where you can see through the walls.”

Everywhere you look you will notice some kind of feature meant to trap water or push the water into areas with grass or plants.

“The smaller tank upfront is used for irrigation,” Gary said.

Blue Hole’s approach is significantly different from a traditional campus.


“The one water school uses half as much potable water and reuses all of the wastewater,” Gary said.

It’s one way to keep kids interested, says Wimberley ISD Superintendent Dwain York.

“The kids get a kick out of watching the water, we have clear pipe and they watch the water get collected,” York said. “Whenever they flush the toilet, they are flushing it with rain water.”

While Blue Hole Primary was the first “One Water” school in Texas, Gary and other groups who are committed to water conservation, hope more schools will make the move as well.

“We hope this project is just the beginning,” Gary said.

Organizations like The Meadows Center for Water and The Environment and Wimberley Valley Watershed Association helped both financially and professionally with the project.