AUSTIN (KXAN) — Ian Thomas was moved to tears the first time he understood that there were people in the world who had no home to go to at the end of the day and who didn’t know where their next meal was going to come from.

“I just remember having a pretty serious conversation with him about it and he was just heartbroken about it and he asked at that point ‘Mom, can we do anything?'” Lindsey Thomas said.

That was when her son was just 5 years old.

So, Thomas searched for ways to make a difference, just as Ian seemed to, and after volunteering with Mobile Loaves and Fishes two times in Summer 2018, he came up with a plan.

“He said, ‘What if I did an art show for doing artwork and we were able to sell all the artwork and I could save some money to buy the supplies and the other money we could give it to the homeless and it would inspire them to do artwork to get money and have a show?'” Thomas explained. “He just kept going and going, really forward-thinking.”

An art teacher herself in Dripping Springs Independent School District, Thomas was determined to make her son’s vision come to fruition.

(Photo Courtesy: Lindsey Thomas)

She bought him an easel for Christmas, rounded up some canvasses and Ian got right to work on the paintings in December. Since then, he’s painted almost 40 for the show happening in Wimberley on Saturday.

“My husband and I have worked so hard on helping our kids understand diversity and helping them to be aware of what’s around them and to be grateful for what they have already, so when my son started talking about doing this and then when my daughter wanted to really support in any way she could, I just couldn’t be more proud of my children,” Thomas said. “It’s worth teaching your children these important elements at a young age because they really grab ahold of them.”

(Photo Courtesy: Lindsey Thomas)

All the donations received at the art show will go to Mobile Loaves and Fishes. As for the money raised from artwork purchases, 40% of it will go toward buying more art supplies and starting a savings account for Ian and the rest will go to Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

“I feel really good about doing this for the homeless and I’m happy that I made it up,” said Ian, who has managed to already sell three pieces of art.

The show is happening on Aug. 3 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 15605 Ranch Road 12 in Wimberley. Text 512-922-7909 for more information. You can also donate online here.

(Photo Courtesy: Lindsey Thomas)