AUSTIN (KXAN) – People named Kyle are fundraising to break a world record for the largest same-name gathering in Kyle, Texas, on Sunday, May 21.

The City of Kyle needs to beckon more than 2,325 Kyles to achieve its goal. To cover travel expenses, several Kyles have launched GoFundMe fundraisers all across the country. 

“Kyle’s wife will not let him use his own money to attend the Gathering of the Kyles in Kyle, TX on [May 21]. We are seeking to raise $500 to cover Kyle’s flight, hotel and car rental accommodations on his quest to be a part of the Guinness World Record,” one Kyle GoFundMe post read

“My name is Lauren and I am fundraising for my son Kyle,” another post wrote. “My Kyle would LOVE to be a part of it but unfortunately, the cost of the trip from Massachusetts is more than we can swing at this time please help get Kyle to Kyle.” 

Find more stories here of Kyles trying to make it to Texas ahead of the event. 

The current record for the largest gathering of people with the same name was achieved in July 2017, when 2,325 people named Kupreški kosci gathered in Kupres, Bosnia and Herzegovina.