HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — One of the few homeless centers in Hays County is closing its doors in less than two weeks. H.O.M.E. Center does not have enough money to stay open.

It comes at a time when more people are coming to them for help after being evicted.

All of Garcia's belongings are just what's left in the trunk of his car. (Sarah Al-Shaikh/KXAN)
All of Garcia’s belongings are just what’s left in the trunk of his car. (Sarah Al-Shaikh/KXAN)

“I got dirty clothes in my car that I can’t wash. I don’t have no money,” Ramiro Garcia said.

He lost the rest of it when he got evicted from his apartment. It’s a situation he’d never been in before until nearly two months ago.

“They raised their rent on us. I lost my job. That’s where everything kind of piled up on me,” Garcia said.

His situation brought him to H.O.M.E. Center, an organization that provides shelter and casework for people experiencing homelessness. Founder Hannah Durrance said she hears stories like Garcia’s everyday.

“Their rent [has] been raised $200, $300, $400 sometimes,” Durrance said.

She said in Hays County there aren’t many programs for rental assistance.

“It’s based on very specific medical needs or very specific psychiatric needs. So very few applicants would even qualify for those programs,” Durrance said.

But now this program that has been one of the few lifelines is shutting its doors. They’ll be moving out of this space in just a few weeks.

“We know that we have enough need to fill 63 rooms. But there will be no other place to send them to,” Durrance said.

Now, they’re left scrambling to find dozens of people places to stay, including Garcia.

“I just want to get somewhere where I can put my head out and get my job and get my life back together,” Garcia said.