WIMBERLEY, Texas (KXAN) — A Wimberley family is now at home with their 11-year-old son who spent four days in the hospital fighting for his life.

Katie Quartucci’s son was hospitalized after a high-grade fever wouldn’t go down.

“Levi’s personality just changed,” said Quartucci. “He is usually vibrant, intelligent and witty. He just went dull.”

Levi caught COVID-19 three days after starting sixth grade, according to his mother. It isn’t clear where exactly he got it from.

“On Thursday, I noticed his fever wouldn’t go down with the medicine,” said Quartucci.

Levi’s pediatrician ordered an x-ray and found he’d developed pneumonia in his lungs. His mom spent four days in the hospital laying by his side and watching as he battled the disease.

“We were just praying his internal organs wouldn’t be damaged,” said Quartucci.

Fearful thoughts started running through his parents’ minds. Doctors pumped him with oxygen, blood thinners and steroids. After four days, it finally helped.

“I think that there are some louder individuals in our community who are saying that kids don’t get COVID and aren’t spreading it,” said Quartucci. “I think that’s really dangerous to be spreading those things that are false. Now, I can officially stand up and say that’s not true.”

Quartucci is now isolating with a COVID-19 breakthrough case, but soon she’ll be holding her boy a little bit tighter.

“Even though, myself, am a little bit guilty of COVID fatigue,” said Joseph Quartucci, Levi’s dad. “It’s just not time to let our guard down. That’s what I want everyone to take away from it.”

Levi heads back to school Tuesday.

Statewide, there are more than 13,000 people hospitalized with COVID. More than 300 of those hospitalizations are children.