SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — Now that Gov. Greg Abbott has given Texas businesses the choice of whether or not masks are worn at their establishments, some San Marcos gym owners are giving their customers the option too.

Metroflex Gym and Str8 Training both said their gym-goers can choose to wear a mask or not.

“There’s a lot of butting heads on each side, whether to wear a mask, whether not to wear a mask,” co-owner and CEO of Str8 Training Muhammah Weusi said.

Weusi feels giving people the option to wear one should be up to them. He said his gym will keep offering alternatives to those who don’t feel comfortable.

“We’re still keeping our virtual training,” Weusi said. “We’ve actually been able to do personal training online through Zoom, and then we have a virtual group training session that we do every day.”

Co-owner of Metroflex Daniel Hagerty took down signs requiring guests to wear masks on Wednesday.

“We’re just excited to get back to business as usual,” Hagerty said.

But COVID-19-safe practices will still stand. 

“We’re going to take precautions, making sure everything is wiped down and clean,” Hagerty said.

Metroflex said masks will be optional for staff as well. Str8 Training said if a client is wearing one, their instructors will too. 

“We’ll take the steps forward necessary, and if something happens, take more precautions then,” Weusi said.

Both gyms want to make sure they’re keeping everyone safe, but are looking forward to a sense of normalcy.