WIMBERLEY, Texas (KXAN) — Wimberley ISD parents are feeling frustrated and upset after police arrested a teacher for two counts of assault – offensive contact.

Court records stated David Schachter, 53, was booked into Hays County jail and released Wednesday. Schachter pleaded not guilty.

Image of 53-year-old David Schachter (Hays County Sheriff’s Office photo)

Sarah Zizzo said she found out about the alleged behavior from her eighth-grade daughter.

“He was very like, shoulder to shoulder, brushing hair behind their ears, putting his fingers in their hair, massaging their backs, and then it escalated to touching their butts through their clothes,” Zizzo said.

It’s a situation that had her concerned.

“You worry about school shootings, and now we’re worried about fentanyl, and now we’re worrying about a teacher being a predator,” Zizzo said.

In a statement sent to KXAN, Schachter’s attorney said he denies all charges.

“Mr. Schachter has pleaded not guilty to all charges and is looking forward to vigorously defending himself in court.”

Lytza Rojas, Attorney for David Schachter 

Wimberley ISD said he started teaching in August. The district placed him on administrative leave in early September when complaints were made.

The district said he has since resigned and no longer works there. Zizzo said she just hopes this opens the door for parents to ask their children important questions.

“Have the conversation with your kids. ‘Hey, this happened. What can we do about it?'” Zizzo said.