Meteorologists worried San Marcos' Flood Watch could cause confusion

SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — Flash flooding is a serious concern for everyone in our area, especially since rain off and on through the week has the ground saturated. While most weather alerts are issued by the National Weather Service, the City of San Marcos issued a flood watch Thursday through another weather company. 

“It’s very important for our community to be aware of anything that may impact them,” said San Marcos Emergency Management Coordinator Rachel Ingle.  

The city posted the alert to their Facebook page on Thursday, stating a flood watch would be in effect Friday and Saturday. The alert came from the city’s weather monitoring service, Weatherguidance. It was issued a full day before the National Weather Service, well before the rain started falling.  

“The information that we put out is for folks to be weather aware and to be prepared that this is the information that we have on the weather that we can expect and that’s several inches of rain with localized flooding in some areas,” said Ingle.  

Some meteorologists worried dueling, and uncoordinated alerts might be confusing. But the city and some in the community say they’re thankful for the heads up, giving them extra time to prepare.  

“We’ve had a lot of folks that are sharing the information that we have put out and are extremely grateful that we’re sharing information with them,” said Ingle.  

“I think the city is hedging its bets and just trying to have people as prepared as they can be. I mean honestly, I come from Mississippi, if you think it’s going to flood, prepare and get out, don’t wait until the water is at your door,” said Darrell Meier who lives in San Marcos neighborhood known for flooding.  

On Friday a flash flood watch was issued for San Marcos from the National Weather Service and will be in effect through tomorrow evening.

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