SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — Teachers with San Marcos CISD will be getting more money.

On Monday night, the school board approved a 3% increase for teachers and nurses, along with a longevity plan.

“Not only a percentage increase, but we’re also looking at longevity increases. So the longer you stay in San Marcos, we want to take care of you,” SMCISD Chief of Communications Andrew Fernandez said.

SMCISD said it’s just one of the ways it’s trying to recruit and retain teachers as several districts across Central Texas deal with vacancies.

Another way the district is addressing openings is through a program with Texas State University.

“They come in and take over some of our classrooms, and it gives them a first-year experience while they’re still seniors in college,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez said they’ve hired a dozen of those “student-teachers” this school year, including Angelina Escalante.

“I’m going to be teaching science, social studies and lit,” Escalante said.

Escalante is a soon-to-be, fifth-grade teacher with the district.

“I actually got hired at the school that I student taught at,” Escalante said. “I know the community. I know my staff, my administration, and I just feel so comfortable going into my first year.”

Fernandez said the district has 47 vacancies for next school year. So this summer, he said they will continue attending and hosting job fairs.

All the while, Escalante said she’ll be gearing up for the first day of classes.

“I’m just kind of trying to piece my year together,” Escalante said. “Creating my Amazon wish list of like, all the stuff I’m going to need. All of that feels awesome.”