SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter says it needs to clear out at least 30 kennels as soon as possible, adding “over capacity is an understatement” when it comes to space at its facility.

The shelter posted to social media Thursday around 2 p.m., saying it’s looking for adopters, fosters and rescues to take in dogs to help the situation.

“If we don’t have a significant number of dogs leave the shelter today, we will be forced to make extremely difficult decisions,” the shelter wrote.

If you’re able to adopt, the shelter asks that you visit during operating hours. All adoptions are $97 and include a spay/neuter operation, vet exam, vaccinations and a microchip. You can look at adoptable animals on the shelter’s website.

If you’re a foster who’s been through the shelter’s orientation and has space in your home, you can email

“We are calling on every member of the community throughout Hays County and beyond to lend a hand,” the shelter said.