Ordinance could give San Marcos renters more protection from floods

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- One Central Texas city is trying to give renters a warning, to help them get away from rising waters in the event of a flood. A possible new ordinance would require landlords to tell renters they are in a floodplain.

Home is where you should feel at peace, after all it holds many of your valued possessions.

Michelle Millington can't believe how popular her dingy fishing boat has become in her San Marcos neighborhood, what she calls a "very special boat."

"My husband was here one day and somebody was trying to walk off with it. Three people were actually arrested over this boat," Millington said.

"I wouldn't go to jail over the boat," she joked.

But the boat does not belong to her. The metal and plastic was an accidental inheritance.

It left a gaping hole in Millington's fence after floodwaters caused the boat to crash through during last year's Memorial Day floods.

The city of San Marcos wants to give renters like Michelle a warning. If the San Marcos River should rise again the city wants to make sure renters know they're in a flood zone. The city want to require landlords to let renters know their homes could flood.

Michelle says her landlord did tell her they were in a 500-year flood plain, so she wasn't expecting one anytime soon.

"Probably would not have rented from him, we would've probably kept looking had he told us that... had we known the future,

that this would've happened," she said.

Millington would've also gotten renters insurance.

Renters throughout San Marcos could soon have more control when it comes to keeping floodwaters out.

San Marcos City Council members approved a first reading of the ordinance Tuesday night. They'll take a final vote at their next meeting on Apr. 19.

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