KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — Since launching its Uber partnership in 2020, the City of Kyle has increased its rides within city limits.

According to the City of Kyle, for $3.14, people have been able to take eight trips per month. That’s now being expanded to 10 trips.

This expansion also includes one round-trip to the South Austin Veterans Administration for that same price. It’ll also offer two monthly discounted one-way rides to the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, where you’ll have to pay just over 30% of the total cost of the ride.

The City of Kyle approved this expansion in its Sept. 21 council meeting. It’ll cost the city $130,000, which comes from its budget.

“They already offered me a trip,” Makul, an Uber driver, said.

KXAN went on a ride with Makul throughout the City of Kyle on Thursday. He rides there daily.

“[I drop people off for] shopping, appointments, stuff like that,” Makul said.

Some may take advantage of the $3 rate. Starting Friday, Oct. 1, riders will be able to extend that opportunity to travel outside of Kyle at a discounted rate.

“I think it’s a pretty viable thing for both the business and consumer,” an Uber rider said.

Since the city launched the program in October of last year, there’s been a steady increase in rides with recent data showing more than 300 trips in August 2021.

From October 2020 through August 2021, the city spent roughly $19,000 on rides through its Uber partnership.

“They’re coming to city hall a lot, our retail core center up on 1626 and 35, the hospitals and even our parks,” City of Kyle Assistant Manager Jerry Hendrix said.

You have to download the City of Kyle app to get the voucher. Once you register, you’ll be able to book your rides on the Uber app.

“Mostly everybody, if you don’t have a phone, you know somebody that does,” Hendrix said. “You don’t have to live here to use it… you just have to be in our service area.”

Riders will be responsible for ride costs that exceed $13.14, since the city is only subsidizing rides for up to $10.

This program expansion won’t affect Uber driver’s pay. They’ll still make the same wages as anywhere else they’re providing rides.

The City of Kyle said it is looking at ways to make this more accessible less tech-savvy people to offer public transportation to as many people as possible.