HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — More fires, droughts and hotter temperatures are what climate researchers said Hays County can expect in the coming decades.

Some residents like Kathy Coyle said they are already feeling the impacts. On Monday, she was welcomed with an unexpected surprise: the light on her well pump blinking.

“That upset me,” Coyle said.

The last time she saw that was just a few months ago when her well dried up. She isn’t sure what the case is now, because she said it seemingly has water.

But the thought of it drying up again constantly worries Coyle.

“I say when I’m in the shower like, ‘Is it going to run out now? Should I wash my hair right now?'” Coyle said.

Based on climate predictions for Hays County, there’s a high chance those issues will continue.

Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra requested climate models for the coming decades. Heiko Stang helped analyze the data after it was collected.

Stang said it shows a risk of more droughts, hotter temperatures and fewer rain showers.

“The biggest concern is that it will get very hot in Hays County, and we will see like two-to-three weeks of days, more days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit,” Stang said.

That could lead to more fires, which concerns Coyle.

“There’s lots to burn. There’s only one way in and one way out of this Bear Creek Oaks,” Coyle said.

According to the data, this isn’t a change that will happen 100 years from now but has already started and will last until at least 2050.

Coyle believes the constant growth of the county isn’t helping.

“How much demand can you put on it and expect it to last forever?” Coyle asked.