HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Jurors were back in the courtroom Monday for the second week of testimony in the trial of Dazrine Chagoya-Williams, the Kyle mom who allegedly murdered her nearly two-year-old son, Mason, in 2018.

A jury will decide over the next couple of weeks whether Chagoya-Williams, alongside her husband and the child’s father, Stevie, is guilty of capital murder in the death of their young son. Stevie was found guilty in October 2021 of the same charge. He is appealing that verdict, court records show.

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Mason’s injuries detailed in autopsy

Chagoya-Williams sobbed at moments as photos taken during Mason’s autopsy were presented to the jury Monday afternoon. There were 80 photos Dr. Suzanna Dana took during that autopsy, she said, the jury was not shown all of them.

The state started by showing photos of bruising on Mason’s body. He had what appeared to be rounded, roughly penny-sized or smaller bruises on his chest, sides and back. Some of those bruises were older than others, Dana testified. Law enforcement noted earlier in the trial that they considered the bruises to be consistent with those made by fingers.

“The most that I would say is that they could be made by fingers because they’re round,” Dana said. She noted you could not tell if the bruises were made by large or small hands, something Chagoya-Williams’ defense touched on several times during their cross-examination of law enforcement witnesses. Chagoya-Williams has notably small hands, they said during opening comments.

Photos showed Mason also had a small injury on the inside of his mouth, which Dana testified was likely caused by blunt-force trauma, and scars from previous burns. He also had internal injuries, Dana testified, including internal bleeding, rib fractures of various healing stages and an old skull fracture — a photo of which was shown to the jury.

Dana testified that Mason died by “hypoxic encephalopathy caused by asphyxia,” meaning oxygen was cut off to his brain, after his chest was compressed. She ruled the manner of death was homicide.

State wraps up with testimony from family

After hearing from Stevie’s family last week, the jury continued to hear testimony from Chagoya-Williams’ family members — her mother and stepfather — Monday morning.

Chagoya-Williams’ stepfather, Rudy Delgado, described Chagoya-Williams as a peaceful person and someone who was good with kids. During cross-examination, he testified he worked several jobs to help support Chagoya-Williams, Stevie and their family.

The state shuffled to testimony from medical professionals Monday mid-morning, signaling the likely end of testimony from family members.

‘Dazrine had nothing to do with it’

A judge ruled Monday morning that a conversation that reportedly happened between Chagoya-Williams’ mother and Stevie could be brought before jurors.

After the judge asked the jury to leave the room Friday, attorneys asked Linda Chagoya to detail a conversation she had with Stevie in jail. She told the defense Stevie asked how Chagoya-Williams was doing and then said, “Dazrine had nothing to do with it.” He then reportedly said he would speak with his lawyer.

The state argued that the statement is inadmissible hearsay, meaning it’s asking the witness to speak to something they heard second-hand, and if the defense wants to include it they need to call Stevie as a witness so he can be cross-examined. The defense says it shows a possible alternate perpetrator. A judge, again, ruled against the state and Linda was able to relay the statement to the jury Monday.

What happened to Mason?

The following timeline came from Stevie’s trial in October:

Mason was born in October 2016 to Dazrine and Stevie. Only a few months later, in January 2017, Mason’s parents brought him to Dell Children’s Hospital because of burns the parents reportedly told doctors were accidentally caused during a bath. During his examination at the hospital, Mason was found to have fractures — one in his wrist and 13 in his ribs.

Those injuries were the reason Child Protective Services removed Mason from his parents in late January 2017. After Stevie and Dazrine completed the steps necessary to be reunited with Mason, they were again given custody roughly a year later.

CPS testified it had stopped monitoring the family in March 2018. On July 4, 2018, Mason was found dead.

Evidence brought forward by the state in Stevie’s trial included photos and videos from first responders of the scene where Mason was found dead, recorded interviews with Stevie following Mason’s death, photos and videos pulled off the couple’s phones and x-rays and photos taken of the injuries to both Mason and his younger sister. Some of the same evidence has already been brought before jurors in Chagoya-Williams’ trial.

Stevie Dwayne Williams, 24, and Dazrine Ruth Chagoya-Williams, 20,

During testimony in Stevie’s trial, a pediatrician from Dell Children’s talked about her evaluation of Mason’s younger sister, also named Dazrine, after she was brought to the hospital by CPS the day after Mason’s death. She was eight months old at the time.

Baby Dazrine also had injuries. She had a large skull fracture and 22 rib fractures, among other internal and external injuries.

During interviews following Mason’s death, Stevie told investigators with the Kyle Police Department it was actually “demons” or something “evil” that had killed his son. Over the course of Stevie’s interview with police — which was more than an hour long and was played for the jury — Stevie maintained neither he nor his wife were involved in any way.