KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — The City of Kyle is planning a billion-dollar area called Uptown Kyle.

It’s located off of Kohlers Crossing and FM 1626.

Uptown Kyle will include a hotel convention center, office spaces, a soccer complex and dozens of stores and restaurants.

The concept began last fall and last night, council members gave the green light to start on three related projects: A new police headquarters, and two parks: Central Park and Heroes Memorial Park.

“We’re pretty ambitious, particularly with the memorial,” says Dex Ellison, a Kyle City Council member who is also on the Heroes Memorial steering committee.

Ellison and the mayor are comparing it to Austin’s Domain.

They are using the Domain’s phase II designer.

“It would be a mixed use residential and commercial development, so really a place where people can be gainfully employed in an area, be able to reside in an area, and also be able to be entertained and have a certain quality of life in that particular area, as well,” Ellison says.

Ellison says they want to make sure to keep a touch of their own town.

“We’re also particularly careful to identify ways that we can make this very unique to Kyle and speak to the history of Kyle, speak to obviously veterans and first responders in our area and just have that certain bit of touch of Kyle,” Ellison says.

The memorial is the first project expected to open on September 11, 2021.

The Heroes Memorial will mark the entrance to Uptown, located at the corner of Kohlers Crossing and FM 1626 (KXAN/Tahera Rahman)

“One of the best locations in Kyle,” says David Wilson, a former council member who advocated for a memorial back in 2017.

“My original thought was the people that paid the full price. Norman and Alfredo Lopez that come to mind. And we need to honor those people,” he says, choking back tears.

Now, the Vietnam veteran eagerly awaits what will be the entrance to Uptown.

“Everybody knows where it is; it’s not hidden, it’s not on a piece of land that nobody goes to — no. This will be center-city, long-term,” Wilson says.


The City of Kyle has received donated land for the police headquarters, Heroes Memorial park, Central Park, office complex and hotel convention center.

During last night’s city council meeting, members voted to move into the design and budget process for the Heroes Memorial Park, Central Park and police headquarters.

Mayor Travis Mitchell estimates Heroes Memorial to cost about four to five million dollars.

$10,000 of that is already in the city’s budget.

They may also use a $2.7 million-dollar settlement from Permian Pipeline company Kinder Morgan.

The city also received a $1.5 million-dollar donation from TDS last night.

Any leftover costs for the memorial might go into a bond proposal for the new police headquarters, which is expected to cost about $30 million.

Mitchell says there will be a final dollar amount by August before people vote on a bond on their November ballots.

Mitchell says the city plans to hold public meetings and town halls about the bond as well as the memorial design.