AUSTIN (KXAN) —  As students return to class for a new school year, the Kyle Police Department is warning parents about an increase in Fentanyl overdoses and deaths among teenagers.

On Monday, Kyle PD made the Facebook post which shows pills laced with Fentanyl.

In the post, the department said the presence of pills containing fentanyl has increased in Kyle and the entire region. Kyle PD said they have responded to at least 16 overdoses with 7 resulting in death so far in 2022. Many of the overdoses, including deaths are teenagers range in age from 14-18 years old.

“The parent or family member has walked in and found these teenagers deceased and most of them in their own room,” said Capt. Pedro Hernandez with Kyle PD.

Hernandez said officers are seeing more pills laced with fentanyl in Kyle and teens are paying the price.

“There are teenagers, some as young as 14, overdosing on these pills laced with fentanyl,” said Hernandez.

In April, the Texas Medical Association warned about the growing problem of illegally produced drugs laced with fentanyl.

“The people need to know Fentanyl is finding it’s way into everything,” said Jake Acosta with Vertava Health.

Acosta struggled with addiction at an early age, but now he is helping connect people with the resources to get help.

“I have seen that the population gets younger and younger and they are coming in addicted to opiates,” said Acosta.

Acosta and Kyle PD said educating your kids about the dangers of fentanyl can save their lives.

“As a parent, ask the tough questions, keep up with their activity on social media, check their bag,” said Hernandez. “Even just a small portion of a pill can be deadly.”

A spokesperson with Hays CISD told KXAN they shared the Kyle PD post on their Facebook page and mentioned it to parents.

Hays CISD said they are aware of six suspected fentanyl overdoses on and off campus at the end of last school year. They were also aware of an overdose at a student’s home over the summer.

Hays CISD does have Narcan, a nasal spray that can treat narcotic overdoses in the event of emergencies, on campus that can be administered by a school nurse or student resource officer. Kyle PD also carries Narcan in case it is needed.