KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — Commercial vehicles that pose hazards will now be kept off the roads in Kyle.

On Wednesday, the Kyle Police Department launched a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) Unit in hopes to improve safety on its roads, according to a press release.

The federally sanctioned program is meant to reduce accidents caused by commercial motor vehicles, ensure the vehicles comply with weight regulations and enforce registration and safety laws.

Regulations will be enforced by CVE officers. Currently, there are two certified officers and a traffic sergeant overseeing the unit.

The officers will be looking for things like overweight loads, worn-down tires and drivers that are over their hours of operation. While the focus will stay on operational and equipment violations, the officers can issue citations if they discover a Class C offense.

“Commercial vehicles are vital to the growth of our community, but often commercial vehicle drivers violate operational and equipment laws creating a risk to other motorists on the road as well as damaging the roadways,” Traffic Enforcement Division Supervisor Sergeant Tracy Vrana said.

While the unit was launched Wednesday, it has been in the works since March 2020.

“We hope this unit will deter and prevent unsafe commercial vehicle practices and ultimately the accidents that result from them,” Vrana said.