KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett said emojis and code names on social media are being used to distribute lethal drugs in the area.

“They’ll use the blue diamond and the blue heart for the fentanyl that we’re finding in our community,” Barnett said.

He said both drug dealers and young people are posting about it.

“They may leave out the code and just say, ‘looking to buy something. Who’s got anything?'” Barnett said.

He said drug dealers know that’s an open invitation to sell to that customer.

It’s a problem that’s directly hit the city of Kyle. Barnett said this year alone, they’ve had 25 fentanyl overdose-related calls, with seven resulting in death.

“It could be one piece of a pill, one sliver, one tiny piece of a pill can kill you, and we’ve actually seen that happen,” Barnett said.

He encouraged parents to monitor their child’s social media accounts. University of Texas Professor of Education Jennifer Adair agreed.

“At least be more knowledgeable about where our children are and what kind of social media they have access to,” Adair said.

image of Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett's laptop with DEA emoji de coded graphic
Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett said both young people and drug dealers are using social media as a means to exchange money for drugs.

She said the first step is an open and honest conversation.

“If we’re really scared of fentanyl, I think it’s OK to tell kids. That’s why we’re asking different kinds of questions, that’s why we’re trying to get more involved,” Adair said.

Barnett said these are important steps, because if parents aren’t persistent, he assures the drug dealers will be.

“They will push their product every chance and in every way that they get,” Barnett said.