KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — In an area that continues to grow in size, people in Hays County said traffic crashes continue to grow with it.

However, the City of Kyle’s Police Department launched an initiative to keep roads safer by monitoring commercial vehicles.

Officer Matt Clark is a part of the department’s new Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) Unit. He said they make sure vehicles follow weight regulations and safety laws on roads within the city limits.

“Accidents do happen. We at least want to make sure that the trucks that are cutting corners, maybe not doing what they should be, we can intervene there and stop something before it happens,” Clark said.

David Patterson lives in Hays County and has seen up close and personal the impact of more commercial vehicles on the roads.

“There was a commercial-looking van that was jammed up against here,” Patterson said.

Just last month, he said he saw a crash on FM 1626 involving a commercial vehicle and a car.

“We saw the other car a good 50 yards up the road on the left-hand side,” Patterson said.

He said he’s seeing more traffic and crashes in the county. Clark said that’s one reason the city needed this new unit.

“They are bringing in a lot of heavy equipment material. Hauling out dirt from job sites,” Clark said.

TxDOT reported a gradual increase in commercial vehicle-involved crashes these past few years in Hays. 2020 was the only year with a slight dip in numbers.

  • 2017: 224 crashes
  • 2018: 231 crashes
  • 2019: 254 crashes
  • 2020: 228 crashes
  • 2021: 263 crashes

Patterson doesn’t see the expansion stopping anytime soon. He said part of the solution is growing road infrastructure as well.

“We have to make these roads safer,” Patterson said.