KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — The Kyle City Council unanimously approved the city’s budget for Fiscal Year 2023-24, according to a city news release.

The $272.5 million budget focuses on investments in infrastructure and services. The release said it was based on goals identified by both city council and staff during work sessions.

“Priorities include increased street maintenance and rehabilitation, strategic planning, economic development, small business retention, increasing community engagement and enhancing public safety,” the city said.

Long-term investments include:

  • $31.1 million for downtown revitalization and $75,000 for a Downtown Façade Grant for businesses
  • $21.4 million in water system improvements
  • $1 million for increased street maintenance
  • $5.7 million for parks improvements
  • $4 million to create an Infrastructure Plan for development of retail centers and grocery stores on the East side of the city
  • $150,000 in small business support
  • 38 new positions throughout the city from police, public works, engineering and communications

There was also $55.8 million for the General Fund for services like parks and recreation, public safety, planning and the Kyle Public Library.

East vs. West side growth

Some in the area describe it as a tale of two cities. On the west side of I-35 in Kyle, restaurants and stores continue to pop up.

But on the east side, people said there isn’t as much.

“We live on the side where we have nothing. It’s just apartments. No stores,” said Bryanna Rivas and Jamie Patton.

The couple moved to the area earlier this year with their son. The two said they love how family-oriented the city is.

“It’s more calm,” Patton said. “It’s way better.”

Still, they’d like to see a bit more growth where they live.

“I wish there was more stores maybe you know, like restaurants per se,” Rivas said.

City council approved $4 million to create an infrastructure plan for development of retail centers and grocery stores on the east side of the city.

“Kyle has seen tremendous growth, residentially and commercially, for quite some time. Commercial and retail growth on the east side of Kyle has lagged despite having tremendous residential growth. This funding allocation is designed to kickstart commercial and retail growth of our east side and to balance those amenities across the city.”

The City of Kyle

While some encouraged more growth, others like Del Moncivais said its fine as is.

“I’m seeing farmland disappear. I’m old school. So I personally, I love farmland,” Moncivais said. “I think we have plenty on the west side. I don’t think they need to expand.”

Still, Moncivais said he’s come to terms with the inevitable.

“I realized no matter where you move to, growth is everywhere,” he said.

Property tax rate impact

The city said the current property tax rate was lowered to $0.4693 per $100 or taxable valuation.

“Due to economic development, strong sales tax revenues and other fees, the owner of an average homestead valued at $338,506 will pay $123.57 per month in property tax to the City of Kyle,” the release said.

That’s a decrease of $0.0389 or 7.65% from the current adopted tax rate.

“The previous property tax rate was $0.5083 per $100 taxable valuation,” the release said.

The city said the approved budget also doesn’t increase water service rates, wastewater service rates or storm drainage fees.

However, it does increase solid waste service rates by 2.52%, according to the release.