HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The push to avoid excessive force during arrests continues across the country, and it could be coming to Central Texas in the form of a new less-than-lethal device.

Bolawrap is a device that shoots out a wire at a suspect, tying them up before they can run away or cause problems.

Anthony Hipolito says avoiding force is always a top priority when responding to a call.

“Officers don’t go to work looking to use force,” said Hipolito.

Terry Nichols, director of business development with Bola Wrap says the device can help with de-escalation, and it can come in handy during a mental health emergency or if someone is looking for a fight.

“Now we have remote restraint technology like the Bola Wrap that allows us to retrain someone from afar,” said Nichols.

Each device has a green laser for aiming. Once fired the device lets out a loud bang.

Instructors tell KXAN they train people to aim for the legs or chest area and never aim for the head or neck.

“If you deploy a bola wrap or anything to the head or neck you have a greater chance of injury,” said Nichols.

While no decision has been made for the Hays County Sherriff’s Office, they say they are strongly considering the device.

The device costs $13 per unit, and the cassettes that are loaded into the device are 39 DOLLARS.

KXAN reached out to many local departments to find out who is using the device many told us they do not use the device.

Georgetown PD says they recently bought the devices but have not used them.