HAYS COUNTY, Texas — After the family of Joshua Wright, who died while in custody in Hays County in December, demanded more from the county after body cam video was yet to be released, Hays County released a public statement Friday.

On Dec. 12, the Hays County Sheriff’s Office said in a new release an inmate attempted to escape while receiving medical treatment at Seton Hospital in Kyle and assaulted a corrections officer, then ran on foot through the emergency room.

The inmate was later identified as Wright, 36.

The corrections officer shot Wright, and medical staff began life-saving measures. Wright died at the hospital, officials said.

As of Friday, the officer remained on administrative leave, according to Hays County.

The demands to release the video made their way in front of Hays County commissioners earlier this week.

On Tuesday, HCSO said the video has not been released because of the ongoing investigation and that there was still no timetable for when it would be. Wright assaulted the corrections officer before trying to escape the emergency room on foot, the agency said.

On Friday, Hays County released a statement on the case, which can be viewed below:

HAYS COUNTY, Texas – The Texas Rangers are conducting the investigation of the in-custody death of Joshua Wright, which occurred at Ascension Seton Hospital in Kyle, Texas on December 12, 2022. The Texas Rangers have requested that the bodycam video of the officer involved in the shooting along with all other information related to investigation of the events surrounding the shooting not be released until their investigation is complete. The immediate release of the bodycam video and other information may adversely affect the Rangers’ ability to conduct an investigation by, among other things, impacting the recollections and statements of witnesses.
Additionally, Ascension Seton Hospital has raised concerns over the inadvertent disclosure of privileged third-party medical information via video footage. For that reason, at the appropriate time for release of the bodycam footage, it will need to be reviewed and potentially redacted for those purposes.
Members of the Hays County Commissioners Court have been monitoring the situation and understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the investigation, but they also recognize the grief felt by Mr. Wright’s family and the need for closure in the community. With that in mind, Court members will be requesting that the State dedicate as many resources to the investigation as possible, to help bring the Rangers’ investigation to an efficient conclusion, after which the Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office will determine the timing
for public disclosure of the bodycam video or any other materials associated with the investigation.
The officer involved was placed on administrative leave following Mr. Wright’s death. The Hays County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that, although the officer recently returned to work pending the outcome of the investigation, he will not be assigned to any position involving the direct supervision of jail inmates until the investigation is brought to some conclusion.