HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Even with the significant amount of rainfall Central Texas saw Monday, that was not enough to recharge aquifers in the area.

Hays County Parks Department Education Outreach Coordinator Katherine Sturdivant said it could be a while before the rain makes an impact.

That has some well owners, like Dan Pickens, conserving as much water as he can.

“Wash a little bit on Monday, a little bit on Wednesday, a little bit on Friday. Just kind of space it out to allow time for your well to recover,” Pickens said.

He said his family started cutting back a few months ago. Pickens said luckily, his well hasn’t dried out because of how little water they use.

His well is connected to the Trinity Aquifer. Sturdivant said that’s a water source that will take a while to get recharged.

“While we have been getting rain, not much is going back down into the aquifer just yet. A lot of it is going right down into the ground. It’s being soaked up by the soil, by the roots and by these plants,” Sturdivant said.

She said it all comes down to a lot more rain. So in the meantime, Pickens said he’ll continue with these conservation methods.

“Constantly be thinking about, ‘Is this going to use water? Can I reuse this water?’ ” Pickens said.

Sturdivant said Jacobs Well is still at or near a zero flow. Until more water fills the aquifer, she said it’ll remain closed for swimming.