SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — The shelves at the Hays County Food Bank are so low the organization says it is having to limit the amount of food it is giving out.  

“Kids are out of school and their parents will have to start giving them breakfast and lunch because they aren’t getting those meals at school anymore, so it’s definitely important for us to have that food,” said Hays County Food Bank communications coordinator Mallory Best.  

Best says the shelves at the food bank generally get low during the summer as families go on vacation and people aren’t in the giving mood as they generally are during the holiday season. However, this is the worst position they’ve been in for at least five years.

“When we’ve gotten low there have been a few gaps here and there, but in all honesty, our reserves in the back, we’ve had enough back there in order to fill those gaps,” said Best. “Now we’re having to cut back in order to fill these orders that we do have.” 

Each week, the Hays County Food Bank prepares food for around 1,500 households. Best says even though they are struggling to meet the needs of their current clients, there is increasing demand from new people needing food.  

“They come and there’s a smile on their face and you want to give them as much as you can. If these shelves are low, you can’t fill minimum orders. It makes you feel low,” said one of the volunteers. 

To make donating easy, the food bank has set up an Amazon Wishlist that allows people to order food and it will be shipped directly to their warehouse. For other ways to donate, click here.