HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — South Hays Fire & Rescue, the last 100% volunteer department left in Hays County, is struggling right now due to fewer volunteer firefighters, with two of its stations currently left unstaffed.

Austin Williams has volunteered with South Hays for nine months now. He said on average, there are only two to three firefighters per day, leaving some stations out of service.

“As a whole, South Hays Fire Department is uncovered 82% of the time with less than a three-man staffing,” Williams said. “Stations 12 and 13 have been completely unstaffed with the exception of one day we had one person at Station 13 for a few hours that day.”

He said as volunteers are leaving, more calls are coming in. Nearly every month this year, South Hays has experienced higher call volumes than the year prior. The department has responded to a total of 910 calls so far this year.

Williams said there are talks to bring paid positions to the department. However, until that happens he’ll continue volunteering as best he can.

“I choose to keep coming back to South Hays to be able to help and serve the citizens in the community that I live in,” Williams said.