HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Hays County emergency service districts will soon have more fire hoses in their reserves following commissioners’ approval of a nearly $7,000, 50-hose purchase Tuesday. This summer, crews battled several wildfires and said the blazes left ESDs with stacks of burnt hoses as a result.

Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra said while crews have access to more resilient hoses, they are more difficult to use in hilly terrain and rougher topography. As a result, firefighters have swapped out those more durable resources for nimble hoses that are easier to quickly drag across terrain in an emergency.

As a result, ESD crews reported significant burn damages to hoses and melted fire truck tires from contact with hot coals.

“This is a byproduct of all that hard work that so many firefighters participated in,” Becerra said.

While commissioners approved the purchase Tuesday, officials forewarned these hoses likely won’t be available until next fire season. The cause? Supply chain issues, officials said.

In addition to the resource purchase, commissioners also approved Tuesday $3,000 in supplemental funding for the Hays County Community Emergency Response Team. The additional funding will help purchase resources like food, water and other necessities for firefighters, in part because of the extensive hours and frequency of recent fires.