HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Chapa Middle School went into lockout Wednesday after a suspect was apprehended on school property for allegedly stealing from a nearby convenience store.

Athletic Director Carter Sakewitz said he and 70 football players saw the moments leading up to that incident.

“Starts running towards the school this way. The kids at that point are now really going crazy,” Sakewitz said.

Hays CISD Spokesperson Tim Savoy said the suspect was unarmed, and the lockout lasted about 10 minutes.

“You basically bring everyone inside, and you secure the exterior perimeter, and that’s because something’s going on outside of the school,” Savoy said.

He said this was a unique situation given the time of day it happened.

“This was a bit different. We drill for what happens during the school day. This happened after school while we still had students here. So that’s another area we’re gonna have to really look at,” Savoy said.

Both Savoy and Sakewitz said just two days into the school year, and they weren’t expecting to go through this. But they said it just shows to be ready at all times.

“Makes it even more important to always have good protocols,” Sakewitz said.

Savoy said there was one report by a parent their child was locked out, and the district would look into it.

Next Monday, school officials and law enforcement will meet to discuss what went well and areas of improvement moving forward.