HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN)– A Hays CISD student was disciplined after posting a TikTok video bullying special education students, according to a letter from Hays CISD sent to parents of students affected by the video.

More specifically, the student was accused of posting a TikTok video that included a picture of one student, among others, with a caption of “@R people <<<<<<<normal people,” the letter said.

The Hays CISD principal then conducted an administrative investigation, which included interviews with the students involved, as well as other students who may have had personal knowledge of the facts, the letter said.

Furthermore, the principal said the video was considered bullying, and the student was disciplined.

According to a spokesperson for Hays CISD, the student was able to obtain still images of students posted to the campus Facebook page. A report was also filed with the Hays County Sheriff’s Office. HCSO confirmed Monday the case was forwarded to the District Attorney’s office.

Rachel Ham said her son was one of the students featured in that video. She said it was really hard to watch.

“I just cried because the kids are just so sweet. These are just the most beautiful kids, and they’re the most vulnerable ones. It was shocking that anybody made it,” Ham said.

Hays CISD said it monitors bullying on its Wi-Fi and hardwired school district computers but not elsewhere. It instead relies on reporting, which anyone can do anonymously on Hays Hopeline.

Ham said thankfully several students spoke out against the video and that’s what helped get it taken down.

“It could have just gone on forever,” Ham said. “So I’m really grateful for, you know, the kids who saw something and did something about it.”

Although the district did confirm the student was disciplined, it would not elaborate on the form of punishment, per Hays CISD policy.

The case remained under investigation Monday.