HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) – A Camino Real Elementary school student died on April 28, according to Hays CISD.

In a Facebook message posted Monday, the district said it is heartbroken for the family of the young boy, Jonathan Velazquez. They said he was a first-grader.

Hays CISD linked the family’s GoFundMe page to help with memorial and funeral expenses.

A woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she lives in the same subdivision as the family. She said Jonathan drowned in the subdivision’s pool.

“We were in mourning. I mean, it hits so close to home. It was in the community pool, right next door where there were a lot of people present,” she said.

The neighbor said she attended a vigil for the family last Thursday where dozens came to give their condolences.

“The family needs more support. They need financial support. They need emotional support,” she said.

The Hays County Sheriff’s Office said it received a call of an unresponsive 7-year-old who was found in the community pool at the Southgrove subdivision in Kyle.

They said a person found the child and called for a lifeguard who did CPR until first responders arrived. HCSO said they were able to get a pulse and the child was stable. He was air flighted to a hospital in Austin but later died.

HCSO said it’s currently investigating the case and can’t release any further details.

The neighbor said now, her community’s main priority is making sure the young boy’s family feels their comfort and care during this time.

“We’re doing everything we can but there’s always more you can do to make sure that the family feels loved and supported,” she said.

Water safety tips

This incident happened just a few weeks before students are let out for summer break and more families head to the pools.

Colin’s Hope, an Austin-based drowning prevention non profit, said there are several water safety tips to remember:

  • WAIT FOR A GROWNUP: Children should be taught to always wait for a grownup when going near water.
  • DESIGNATE A WATER WATCHER: An adult should be actively watching children when in the water.
  • LEARN TO SWIM: Swim lessons can help children learn to float on their back and not be afraid of putting their faces in the water.
  • WEAR A LIFEJACKET: Wearing a properly fitted, US Coast Guard approved life jacket around open water, such as boats, docks, and beaches are necessary because natural water sources are not clear and calm like a pool can be, so wearing a lifejacket that fits like a hug and ensuring all buckles are clasped can help prevent drowning in open waters. 
  • STAY AWAY FROM DRAINS: Pools having exposed drains can be a source of curiosity for young children, however, there are dangers if the drain is not properly installed.

Colin’s Hope said it only takes seconds for a drowning to occur and it isn’t always a loud and active event with splashing and screaming.

They said a drowning victim may look like they are playing in the water.