HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — With school starting in a month, some school districts are working now to make sure their classrooms are safe. For some districts in Hays County, that means more school resource officers.

Hays County Chief Deputy Mike Davenport said there’s been a recent growth in demand for school resource officers.

“Hays is asking for three. Wimberley is asking for two, and Dripping Springs is asking for one,” Davenport said.

Hays CISD said its new officers would be assigned to the elementary schools. The district’s Director of Safety and Security Jeri Skrocki said those schools currently don’t have any.

“They’ll be doing drive-bys. They’ll be sitting in parking lots and then they’ll be doing walk-throughs through the schools, perimeter checks,” Skrocki said.

The districts don’t have their own forces and rely on the county sheriff’s office. After Uvalde, districts felt they needed more deputies on patrol.

On Tuesday, Hays County Commissioners talked about how to give the districts what they want.

They think they’ll have to fill it with current deputies. That could make the department’s current staffing shortage even worse. But, Davenport said he’s okay with that if it means getting these other positions filled.

“When we hire someone from the outside, there’s an additional six months at least of training to get them up to our standards,” Davenport said.

County leaders didn’t finalize a plan Tuesday but district leaders hope they do soon.

“It’s going to allow them to relax. And do what they’re here for which is to be kids and learn what they need to learn,” Skrocki said.

Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra said the commissioners will take a final vote during their meeting August 2.