Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect Hays CISD approved a deal to add three more School Resource Officers to the 12 it currently has, making the total 15.

KYLE, Texas (KXAN) – The Hays Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees Monday night approved an agreement between the district and Hays County where the county would provide an additional three school resource officers, or SROs, to the district. That would bring the total number of SROs to 15 — 12 currently at secondary schools and the new three for elementary schools.

According to the deal, the school resource officers would be Hays County Sheriff’s deputies, and the district would pay an additional $311,954 for the new officers, for a total of $1,409,226.

The schools currently staffed with full-time deputies include:

  • Two deputies to divide their time between Hays High School and Live Oak Academy
  • Two deputies assigned to Johnson High School
  • Two deputies assigned to Lehman High School
  • One deputy assigned to Barton Middle School
  • One deputy assigned to Chapa Middle School
  • One deputy assigned to McCormick Middle School
  • One deputy assigned to Simon Middle School
  • One deputy assigned to Wallace Middle School
  • One deputy to divide their time between Dahlstrom Middle School and Impact Alternative Education Program facility

In August 2022, KXAN reported Hays CISD added two new safety coordinators to assist the district’s chief of safety and security as well as approved the initial steps to add these three more SROs.

“Right now we have two SROs per high school and one per middle school,” said Hays CISD superintendent Eric Wright in August 2022. “So, this would give us a total of 15, and I think our response time will be less than two minutes.”