SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — A grassroots organization announced Wednesday it has enough signatures to get decriminalizing marijuana on the ballot in San Marcos.

Mano Amiga teamed up with Ground Game Texas to collect over 4,300 valid, unique signatures from voters. The city only requires 4,182 signatures to get an issue on the ballot.

“I think that the real hard work and the real difficult part was just getting it onto the ballot,” Sam Benavides, the communications director with Mano Amiga, said. “But now that it’s there, I think we are really solid.”

In May, Austin voters passed a similar measure that stops arrests for low-level marijuana offenses and bans the use of no-knock warrants by police.

The City of San Marcos still needs to certify Mano Amiga’s petition. If approved, the item will show up in the November election.

Right now, San Marcos operates under a “cite and release” model. The ordinance orders police officers to issue more tickets and make fewer arrests for certain low-level offenses, including marijuana possession of less than four ounces. Police can still use their discretion to arrest someone if they deem it necessary.