HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The Hays Consolidated Independent School District said five of its employees died shortly after testing positive for COVID-19. The latest is a long-time bus driver, Mark Trevino.

Trevino’s family said he spent 20 years driving buses for the district, then passed after contracting COVID-19.

Family members said he was truly committed to the district, his coworkers and the students. Trevino, 37, is remembered for his infectious laugh, and for always brightening any room.

“We love you mark, our family is not going to be the same without you,” Mark’s family member, Adriana Romero said. 

Hays CISD said he was a relentless employee who gave his all to the job. He drove bus 1009, according to the district.

Adriana said Mark could light up any room.

“We called him ‘Big Mark,’ because he was a big boy,” Adriana said with a chuckle. “He was our everything. If we needed something, he was quick to jump.”

At work, Mark’s supervisor Vicki Hunter said he would laugh and smile often.

“It was kind of like a deep little giggle,” Hunter said.

It wasn’t hard to tell when Mark wasn’t feeling well. Hunter said when they sent him home from work sick, they didn’t know it’d be the last time. 

“He had asthma,” Hunter said. 

Luz Romero, another family member, said Mark did not go to the hospital. 

“I think that he was afraid to say something,” Luz said. “He was afraid to go to the hospital.”

Mark’s family said they found out he had COVID-19 after finding him in his room.

“His phone was ringing and ringing…,” Luz said. “So they broke down the door, and he had already passed.”

Now, his family wants this to be a lesson.

“We could have tried to take him to the doctor or something,” Luz said. “Just seeing him there, lifeless. No one wants to go through that. Just take it serious.”

According to Hays CISD, Mark is the second bus driver to pass away. The district honored all of the lives lost during the pandemic at a school board meeting on Monday night.