HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Calls to release the video of an officer shooting and killing Hays County inmate Joshua Wright continue to grow.

Those demands to release the video made their way in front of Hays County commissioners.

The Hays County Sheriff’s Office said Wright assaulted the corrections officer before trying to escape the emergency room on foot.

Cries could be heard outside and inside a packed county courthouse where it was standing room only for Tuesday’s commissioners meeting.

Public comment lasted for about an hour with several people signed up to discuss Joshua Wright’s case.

“Mr. Wright’s blood is on y’all’s hands,” one speaker said.

During public comment, one person after another asked for the same thing: to release the video.

They want both the body cam video and surveillance footage showing a corrections officer shooting and killing Wright. He was being held on pre-trial detention while receiving medical treatment at Ascension Seton in Kyle on Dec 12.

“I would want that body cam released. The video we need to see it,” said Wright’s mother, Beverly.

During public comment, speakers pointed fingers at commissioners and demanded they do more to get the footage out there.

“You’re the ones that decide on the budget to buy body cams. So use your power in a moment like this,” said one person.

a justice for joshua poster alongside an image of joshua wright
Images of Wright could be seen across the room, as people held up posters and wore t-shirts with his picture on them.

Hays County Commissioner Debbie Ingalsbe said she’s set up a meeting with the sheriff to go over this.

“See what we can do to get this video released and get all the answers to the family that they need and deserve,” Ingalsbe said.

Tuesday, the sheriff’s office said the video has not been released because of the ongoing investigation and that there is still no timetable for when it would be.

Still, people here said they’ll continue their demands no matter how long it takes.

“If you have nothing to hide, release the camera footage,” Wright’s brother Keegan Clark said.

The Wright family’s attorneys said they submitted a public information request for the footage and, if need be, they’ll file a lawsuit to get it released.