DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas (KXAN) — A Dripping Springs resident is $1 million richer after claiming a winning ticket in the Texas Lottery’s $1 million Crossword scratch ticket game, per a news release.

The resident, who has chosen to remain anonymous, purchased the ticket from an H-E-B located at 598 E. Hwy. 290 in Dripping Springs. Their lottery luck didn’t begin with this latest $1 million prize — they told the Texas Lottery they also won $20,000 in a 2008 scratch-off game.

“I didn’t believe it,” the claimant said in the release. “I thought there was a mistake because I couldn’t find the 10th word. My 10th word was ‘Aha.’ I called a friend to verify. I thought if I couldn’t find the 10th word, the prize would be $20,000 instead of $1 million – which would still have been a good prize.”

They told the Texas Lottery their plan is to budget out the winning prize. They said they’ve historically had frugal living habits and want to be able to “live work-free for the rest of [their] life.”

The Texas Lottery said this was the fifth of eight $1 million prizes claimed in this latest game. The $1 million Crossword game features more than $289 million in total prizes, with the odds of winning any prize listed at one in 3.41 chances.