SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — Texas State University is making sure it does everything it can to stay in touch with how its students are doing mentally.

Texas State launched a new webinar series, giving students guidance on mental health. The university hosted one about social confidence skills on Tuesday.

Being in tune with how you’re feeling isn’t always easy.

“I have struggled with mental health for more than half of my life,” Texas State freshman Emma Lindsey said.

Lindsey is a theatre major. She expresses herself through music, but it’s only half the battle when managing depression and other mental health challenges.

“Depression is a silent killer,” Lindsey said. “You go to school with depression, and you don’t talk — no one is going to know.”

A Texas State resource page gives students access to mental health screenings, online therapy and more.

“Outreach reaches more people; we’re able to provide information to students,” Dr. Bonita Lynn Reeder said.

Reeder with the university’s counseling center says they’ve been busy with back-to-back counseling appointments daily.

“Anxiety and depression… and certainly, they get heightened when there’s traumatic times,” Reeder said.

In “A Healthy Mind” national survey from 2020, 39% of college students responded they’re depressed. Another 21% say depression is severe, and 13% say they’ve had suicidal thoughts.

“It’s so imperative that people spread awareness about mental health,” Lindsey said. “Because if you don’t, more people are going to take their lives.”