KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — The City of Kyle said the Kyle Police Department was integrating innovative traffic solutions to decrease congestion and focus on the safety of first responders while improving response times.

The city said it selected Global Traffic Technologies’ Opticom Cloud Platform for emergency vehicle preemption.  

“The technology utilizes advanced algorithms to determine vehicle status. It sends that data to compatible intersections to make signal phasing requests, granting emergency responders the right-of-way to pass through an intersection. The system simultaneously reduces traffic flow on side streets, resulting in decreased response times, improved intersection safety, and saved lives,” the city said.

According to the city, KPD initially purchased the Opticom Cloud Platform for 19 intersections and 50 vehicles. The Kyle Fire Department joined the system, adding 15 fire units, and the San Marcos Hays County EMS, who previously purchased GTT’s Opticom GPS system, could also use their existing equipment to opt-in, adding 22 ambulances.

“We are happy to see this smart traffic system in use in Kyle. It is a life-saving resource for our community members and our officers,” Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett said. “We hope to grow the solution as results continue to measure up to serve the community more safely and effectively.” 

The city said police and emergency response vehicles would be equipped with intelligent devices that send a signal to the Opticom Cloud Platform.

“These transferable devices allow them to seamlessly move from one vehicle to another as they rotate their fleets. The Kyle Police Department, Kyle Fire Department, and San Marcos Hays County EMS are all enabled to use this technology,” the city said.