HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) – The 775-acre Persimmon housing development is hoping to set up shop in Buda. It’s a project MileStone Community Builders has been working on for five years.

Tuesday night, the city council will vote whether to approve or deny it.

But regardless of that decision, the development could legally still continue. It has some residents concerned.

“The first time I saw that sign, I saw red,” said Buda resident David Patterson.

sign on the property of Milestone's Persimmon's project
The CEO of Milestone said if they have to go through the county it could add another 6 to 12 months to their timeline.

Patterson said the city’s road infrastructure isn’t prepared for this development.

“They’re doubling the number of houses in west Buda. We can’t handle the traffic that we have now,” Patterson said.

It’s a concern MileStone CEO Garrett Martin said they’ll address with a road bypass starting at the bend at RM 967 and going North to connect with FM 1626.

“70% of that traffic that cuts through Buda will take this road and it’ll connect up to ultimately up to 45 and then hopefully use 45 to get up into the City of Austin,” Martin said.

But Martin said that road won’t happen unless the project is approved by the City of Buda. If it isn’t, they’ll go to the county instead.

“It’s a different regulatory authority and the rules that apply under that county subdivision are very different,” Martin said.

Still, Patterson said he’d like there to be more discussions before a decision is made.

“The right to develop does not mean you should not be a good neighbor to the current residents,” Patterson said.

Martin said they already submitted their plans to the county for approval because of some uncertainty around how city council will vote. He said if they have to go in the direction of county approval, it could take at least half a year.