AUSTIN (KXAN) — Tuesday, the City of Buda will receive a Frost Bank deposit in the amount of $41.9 million to kick off work on its bond projects.

Screenshot of the 2021 Buda Bond Interactive Map (Source: City of Buda)

Last November, voters approved Proposition A and B. Proposition A amounted to $73.57 million to improve transportation. More than half of the money will go to the West Goforth Road and Old Black Colony Road reconstruction projects — an area in need of enhancements.

“That is a roadway that is on the west side of Buda, and we’re seeing a lot of growth happening in this area,” said Micah Grau, the city’s interim city manager. “There are a lot of new subdivisions that have come online. It is one of those old county roads that the city has slowly taken over.”

Other projects under Prop A include:

Under Prop B, $6 million of the $16.09 million will go to Phase 1 of Garison Park.

“Very excited to get Garison Park started, because of how much that will add to our downtown and how much of a compliment city park which is, again, its next-door neighbor,” Grau said.

Other Prop B projects include:

However, shovels won’t turn on those projects any time soon. Grau said they have to begin the design process first.

“Some of these projects may take two or three years to coordinate design. Other projects may take six months to design,” he explained.

Grau gave the example of the following roads, “Tally Loop, Middle Creek Drive, there’s not going to be existing, or there’s not going to be an additional need for right-of-way,” he said. “We’re going to work within the existing right-of-way, those are more rehab and rebuild those existing roadways so we’ll be able to get to those a little bit faster than say something like West Goforth.”

What Buda neighbors like Harlan Frazier will see right away are smaller changes that’ll pave the way for the growing city.

“There definitely needs to be some improvement in the infrastructure here, or else it’s not going to be able to support it,” Frazier said.

Grau added, “Buda has grown tremendously over the last 10 years.”

“We’re seeing new neighborhoods that are coming online as well, so our city council is very much wanting to get out in front of these transportation projects and make sure that we are building capacity,” Grau said.

In total, Buda’s Bond Program made up of Prop A and B accounts for $89.66 million. The city expects to receive the rest of the money down the line.

In addition to the issuance of the general obligation bond money, the city also issued $8.045 million which includes some utility work and a new water tank.

  • Old Black Colony Elevated Water Storage Tank
  • RM 967 West Utilities
  • Reuse Water Stagecoach Pond Pumps / Piping
  • and contingency (5%)