DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas (KXAN) – All throughout Central Texas crews are getting ready for severe weather coming our way.

The Hays County Office of Emergency Management said it’s monitoring low water crossings. If the water gets too high, they said they’ll close the area off. They said they have cameras stationed at different locations so they can watch as the storm moves through.

While they’re monitoring the flooding, the City of Dripping Springs said Thursday and Friday it’s spending a lot of time trying to prevent flooding from happening.

“Weed eating, cleaning out, making sure there’s not brush. We’re going to storm drains, making sure those are clear,” Dripping Springs Public Works Director Aaron Reed said.

He said they do this anytime they expect severe weather and with storms coming this weekend, they want to make sure the area is clear for the rain.

“Keeping all the brush and all those things cleaned out. Things that might get washed downstream and then stack up at a storm drain,” Reed said. “The city tries to do its best at cleaning those things up and making sure that the water is able to flow and go through and go where it needs to go.”

Ann Clearkin in Dripping Springs said she is bracing for the storms as well.

“We just make sure we have everything in. So if we need food or water or just normal, just normal things we make sure we don’t have to run out and go anywhere,” Clearkin said.

She said she does worry about low water crossings because it doesn’t take much for them to overflow.

“We’ve had issues where it’s running across the street, and you have to turn around. You really have to turn around, don’t drown,” Clearkin said.

She said she won’t take any chances and will stay indoors this weekend instead.

“I’d rather be home stuck than somewhere else in my car,” Clearkin said.

The City of Austin also urged people to take precautions for the storm.

It suggested getting enough supplies to last for several days, as well as keeping a charged cell phone or a battery-powered radio to monitor local weather conditions.