BUDA, Texas (KXAN) – A Hays County man could be taking home a national title for best mullet in the country.

But there’s much more to this competition than just the hairstyle. It benefits a charity that gives back to veterans.

Buda native Brandon Hernandez calls his mullet “Texas Tailgate.”

“In Texas we do it big and with tailgates. So this is ‘Texas Tailgate’ right here,” Hernandez said.

It’s a hairstyle that’s gotten him to the Top 25 round of the 2022 USA Mullet Championship.

“Hays County area. Austin area. I think for sure I’m just gonna try to represent all of Texas,” Hernandez said.

The nationwide competition benefits Stop Soldier Suicide. According to the charity, veterans have a 57% higher risk of suicide than those who haven’t served.

It’s a cause close to Hernandez.

“My wife, she has some of her uncles that were in the Air Force. My late grandfather, yes he was in the military as well. He served in the Vietnam War,” Hernandez said.

He said knowing that veterans will benefit from this brings much more meaning to his mullet.

“It’s just the experience that they go through. It’s crazy man. I really do commend them and their bravery for going through that,” Hernandez said.

For now, Hernandez and his family wait to see if he’ll bring the national title to Central Texas. But regardless of the outcome, Hernandez said he’s honored he and his mullet have made it this far.

According to the US Mullet Championships, the group donated $2,375 to Stop Soldier Suicides.

Hernandez said voting for the top three winners will start Oct. 7-11 and results will be announced a week or so after voting ends.